cryptoElon Musk begins *layoff's* at Twitter #shorts #neonman #youtubeshorts #elonmusk #neonmanshorts

Elon Musk begins *layoff's* at Twitter #shorts #neonman #youtubeshorts #elonmusk #neonmanshorts

Elon Musk new CEO of Twitter is planning to convey again Vine. Vine was a platform the place 7 seconds video was uploaded and now Elon musk is bringing it again. it could be an incredible substitute of tik tok. So for this Mr beast gamve him recommendation.
Tech Burner copied Mr beast concept few months in the past Mrwhosetheboss (UK largest tech creator) visited Mr beast’s studio and confirmed a customized iPhone by Mr Beast. Now its most likely attainable that tech Burner copied the thought of Mr beast by customising an 70 inches iPhone in his new video.





#neonman #carryminati #carry


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