cryptoWhat is Coindcx? How to create ID? What is the...

What is Coindcx? How to create ID? What is the right way to do KYC.

What is Coindcx? How to create ID? What is the right way to do KYC. CoinDCX create account, CoinDCX registration fees, Is CoinDCX registered in India

What is Coindcx? How do you use it? Today we will tell you what is this app and can we invest money in it?
At present, the name of cryptocurrency is going on a lot, you must have also heard about cryptocurrency. Like bitcoin, dogecoin etc. You must have heard the name of the trending crypto currency, which has a platform, similarly coindcx is also an exchange platform for cryptocurrency. Let us tell you that this special has been made for India so that more and more people can do trending. It has more than 30 crypto to crypto exchange platforms. CoinDCX is India’s largest trending exchange wallet.
This is the safest crypto exchange wallet in India.
Through this you can sell and buy bitcoin.
There is some transaction fee to be paid in this but coindcx is absolutely free.
Coindcx’s co. The founder is Sumit Gupta. The head quarter of Coindcx is in Mumbai Maharashtra. It is very easy to use it, you can use it while doing other work in spare time and can invest on this platform.

Where to download Coindcx App?

You can download it from your mobile’s play store, then you will have to follow the complete process of KYC by creating your account. Through this you can easily deposit money in INR. And if needed, you can also sell, you can transfer money directly to your bank account. This app is very simple it has 3.8 rating and 10 million plus downloads. Here crypto coins and tokens are found.

How to create account on coindcx?

Creating an account on Coindcx is very easy First of all, coindcx app has to be installed on play store. After installing, you have to click on the sign up option. After this, you have to fill up the details in which you have to sign up by entering name, password, mobile number. An OTP will come on your email, it has to be entered and an OTP will also come on the phone number, that too has to be entered. Now your account is ready, through this, if you want to deposit more than 10,000 money, then it is necessary to do KYC for this.

How to do KYC on Coindcx?

KYC is required on Coindcx only then you can deposit and withdraw money as well as KYC is also required for depositing more than 10,000 money. At the bottom of the app, you will find the option of account, click on it. Where you will get the option of complete KYC, click on the option of continue Now you go to the account setting and click on the option of add bank account, enter the account number and enter the IFSC code and click on proceed, now enter the OTP that comes on your mobile number. And now ₹ 1 will be added to your account. You will get the option of add fund from where you can add fund. Now KYC is complete.

What is Dcxinsta?

Dcxinsta is also coindcx platform where you buy 40 plus crypto currency with market price in 60 seconds from dcxinsta in very short time we can sell crypto from here its very easy to use. There are many people in the world today who are investing in cryptocurrency and earning a lot of money. In this article, we told how cryptocurrency works in coindcx app? How to sell or buy cryptocurrency in coindcx etc. In this way, you can also earn lakhs and crores of rupees by investing in crypto currency using coindcx platform.



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