cryptoWhat is share market and how does share market work?

What is share market and how does share market work?

What is share market and how does share market work?, When to buy shares in share market, Where to buy shares in share market, How to invest or buy shares in share market

share market; All the people in the world are engaged in the race to earn money. But there are very few people who know from where more profits can be earned, if you also want to earn more profits then it is only one sector and its name is share market. Yes, the share market is the only market where you can multiply your money by putting it at stake and become rich from poor in a very short time.

In this era of inflation, if there is hope from anywhere, then it is that the stock market is such a place in the stock market from where you can fulfill your wish, for this you will have to invest some money in the stock market, but after investing, to get good profits. For this it is very important to have knowledge of share market. In this article, we are going to tell you how to invest money in share market and how to earn more profit in share market. When should you invest money in share market and when not when you will get more profit and you are going to get complete information about share market here.

What is Share Market?

Share market or stock market is a combination of many markets and exchanges. In which many companies enter the stock market by issuing their IPO where their shares are regularly bought and sold by the public. Share market means a collection of such companies in which you can invest money. There are ups and downs in the stock market, due to which sometimes there is profit and sometimes loss, but when to go for profit and invest money in the same share market.

When to buy shares in share market?

Before investing in the stock market, we should know whether the market is falling or running, we can get information about it from newspapers like Economic Times or can also check there by visiting the official website of the stock market. Before investing in the stock market, there should be complete information about which company’s shares you are buying, what is its value at present and what was the market going on before, it is falling, for this you will have to be constantly in contact with the stock market. . Buy shares only when there is 100% probability of increasing that share.

Where to buy shares in share market?

If you want to invest in share market, then for this you need to have a demat account. Demat account varies from country to country or a demat account can be in many countries also.
Like zerodha app, groww app, upstox app there are many such apps which you can search by going to your play store, you can create a demat account from there in which your bank details and name address have to be filled. . Your address proof and PAN card are required for demat account. After that you get a platform where you can invest in the shares of any company by adding money from the bank account.

How to invest or buy shares in share market?

After creating your demat account, I will show you the city names of various companies and their current value. By clicking on the company’s shares you want to buy, you will get two options buy and sell. If you want to buy, then by clicking on the buy option, you can select the number of shares you want to buy and finally buy. After that you can sell it whenever you want.

Why does the stock market go down?

There are many reasons for the stock market going down, the main reason being the following.

  1. Universal Disease – As you know coronavirus is a universal disease which has affected the whole world and it has affected the economics of all countries, due to which people sold shares for short term.
  2. War- War between two or more countries can also be the reason for this. Due to the war, import-export stops among themselves and the economics of those countries stagger, due to which there is a huge fall in the stock market.
  3. When sold by a foreign institutional investor.

How to learn to invest in share market?

Experts have some tips for better performance in the stock market, I have brought them here, by following which you can also perform well in the stock market, then know what those tips are.

  1. Study first then move on

Before doing any work, it is very important to know about it, so if you are investing in the stock market, then it is very important to study about it, for this you can also take the help of the experience of others.

2. Research Yourself

In order not to be deceived in the stock market, it is important that you do your own research in gathering information, because many people keep giving false excuses through advertisements in TV channels etc., so it is important to do research after considering those tips yourself.

3. Set Long Term Goals

It is important for any investor to know very well that even if the investment is only for the long term, there is a possibility of getting more profit, it is difficult to get profit for the short term. Losses can also be incurred in the short term.

4. Understand your risk tolerance

Always take the risk only up to a certain limit, you should invest maximum 60% of your deposited capital, otherwise you may also become poor. By taking risk up to a certain limit, your deposit remains safe.

5. Research and Planning

Before buying the stock of any company, one has to do good research about it and do it with investment planning.

6. Control Your Emotions

In the share market, many times we lose our emotion by getting carried away by emotions, due to which we do a lot of loss. That’s why it is necessary that only by controlling the emotion, one should step in the stock market.

7. Clear Basis First

Sirmour has some basis, before investing in the stock market, there should be a good awareness about the basis, which will give sure success.

8. Diversify Investments

Never invest in the shares of the same company, you should keep investing in the shares of different companies. If you have invested all your money in one company and incur a loss, then you may be a pauper.

9. Invest in good company only

10. Keep an eye on the market cap.

So in this way you can enter the share market by following these tips. This article has been very useful for many investors and will be useful for you too.


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